Magic on the radio

With my good friend Lee on 97.3 Yes! FM Today I was going over some files, and ran across some recordings from radio shows I was in back in 2008. This is all from an area called Mentalism, which form time to time are included in my current live show. I thought I’d share these […]

TEDx Texas Tech University

    Picture by The Daily Toreador My presentation, titled “The Illusion of Simplicity”, focused on how simple are surrounded by complexity, which we may  not be aware of, and how this all affects us as we create things. It was a great experience! From the very first session, I was already feeling inspired. I […]

Public Performances!

So where can you see me perform? As of last year, most of the time in private events and corporate events. But I have started to perform more in public places for 2014! You can find me at: Rain Uptown Fridays from 6-9PM ( 5217 98th St, Lubbock, TX 79424. (806) 798-5900) Harrigan’s  Saturdays from6-9PM (3827 50th St, Lubbock, […]

The Nutcracker

It has been a while since I’ve made a post here, which is mostly due to a very busy schedule rather than lack of interest. Last year was very busy, with a lot of company events and fundraisers, especially near December when companies do Christmas parties.  One particular project in December was the highlight, and […]

Recent podcast interviews

Irving Quant recently gave an interview for Steve Johnson’s podcast “The Middle of the Middle” talking about his background, his Magic, and much more. Check it out here: Irving was also a guest on Mystifyed Live. Click here to listen.


I grew up knowing of paintings, and luckily having exposure to many other arts subliminally present during my childhood. I don’t paint myself, not because of lack of enjoyment,but rather time. It is the same reason I don’t play the piano; the passion for it would simply consume my whole day. There’s much to learn from the world […]