Magic on the radio

With my good friend Lee on 97.3 Yes! FM

Today I was going over some files, and ran across some recordings from radio shows I was in back in 2008. This is all from an area called Mentalism, which form time to time are included in my current live show. I thought I’d share these recordings here as they are still very much incredible to listen to. Enjoy!

Predicting decisions callers will make as well as some mind reading.

The Oracle of Delphi

This last one, The Oracle of Delphi, was something I began to perform after reading about it in Junior High. At the time, we were studying Greek mythology, and the Oracle was one of the many stories that send my imagination into recreating them. Many other things were created after reading about these incredible feats in mythology, and I ended up naming them after the protagonists of those stories. Below you will find one of many examples of Greek-mythology-inspired Magic I created. I still do this one once a year or so these days. It’s called Prometheus, after the Titan who, according to mythology, stole a spark from Zeus‘ thunderbolt and gave it to humanity in order for them to have fire.