The Nutcracker

It has been a while since I’ve made a post here, which is mostly due to a very busy schedule rather than lack of interest. Last year was very busy, with a lot of company events and fundraisers, especially near December when companies do Christmas parties. 


One particular project in December was the highlight, and that was Ballet Lubbock’s The Nutcracker, for which I was hired to be a consultant. We added illusions to the already-great production, making things appear, move by themselves, people vanishing, and a nutcracker doll transforming into a full-sized one to fight The Rat King!

Check out an article here about it. Hey! I got a shout out in the middle of the article!

I had to put that on!
The Nutcracker’s mask–I couldn’t resit putting that on!

Definitely a new one due to the tempo and where the Magic had to happen. You are designing Magic that is fast, visual, and big. On top of that, it has to be able to be executed right when the music calls for it! 

The production featured the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra, which was a fantastic addition. There’s always something about having the music playing live that you can feel a difference. Gives it that unique and human element I think, on top of the quality of the music being better. Live performance is something that you witness once, so it’s an experience. Like I always say: Every show is different, and every performance is a story. That is true in Magic as well, and I can tell you some amazing stories about those shows!

Overall, it was a great new experience. If you are in Lubbock and haven’t seen this show, you need to. It’s one that involves some of the most creative people in the city and many people behind-the-scenes in the Lubbock community. Did I mention it’s a great show too?

The cabinet with the doors opened. Looks dark, but was actually a wine-colored red. Looked great on stage!
The Magic cabinet that made dancers appear. A great collaborative work with everyone that was behind-the-scenes in the production.